Can I Get a Fix Man?

Not much drama to report in the quest for adrenal gland removal - of serious note anyway. I do have a story to relate that my friend Todd will no doubt find at least mildly anecdotal.

So, last we left off I had met with the surgeon. Friday I went in for another CT Scan which was pretty much like the first. The only real change is that I got to drink two of the mystical drink rather than just one.

Dr. Don called on Monday to let me know the EKG and Echo results were good.

I have been continually upping my dosage according to my marching orders.

So, I realize on Saturday that I'm running low on pills. Walgreens has a nifty feature where you punch in your prescription order as long as you have refills remaining (long-time readers will remember the trials I went through to get my first prescription). I fill in my information and wait. And wait a bit more. Then I think maybe Walgreens is using the Aspen Notification Service and I'll get my confirmation email later.

Sunday - no email. Walgreens doesn't love me.

Monday I call. I only have 10 of these bad boys left and I'm going to take 8 today. The pharmacist tells me that insurance will not cover my pills. Incredulously (and before I go any further and before my pharmacy friends out there grill me I will mention that I rarely get prescriptions and I have never once in my life refilled one) I ask why not? Because your prescription was for 10mg a day and it's only been 8 days. Oh yeah - that secret underground drug trade in alpha blockers - I remember! Actually, I get it but was just not ready for it.

Well, I knew my anethesiologist was out that day already because I'd called to check in. So, I called back hoping to get another doctor to greenlight some new dope for me. Nope - got hooked up with the doctor who said he'd take care of it (and of course wanted to know how I was doing as well as how the BP was and if I'd kept my spreadsheet of BP current). He calls back in about 10 minutes to tell me my new prescription was for 40mg 4 times a day which as far as I can tell is the maximum amount I could get (Bucket - please confirm). Let's just say I'm not running out of alpha blockers anytime soon.

The good news is they are working. The dosages are going up and the BP is dropping (it's been in the 155/90 range and today I got a 113/74 which is quite normal if I do say so my damned self).

Time for another test and to update the spreadsheet. Life is good.

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