Chris Loves Sheep

Posted over 18 years ago

So, the hijinks began in earnest yesterday at work.

Our team is doing daily bug triages (this helps prioritize bugs in the system for you non-engineer types) and this involves several people in a conference room looking at a screen of our bug system. Logically, you are using a computer to drive this process.

Yesterday Chris was the driver. He had to, however, leave midstream to do an interview (we're hiring!) which was his mistake. He left his computer in the hands of Johanna who promptly reset his IM user name to "poopy head" with the personal message "I love sheep." I believe that Johanna was assisted by Sarah and Pete (I did not witness the incident).

So, why sheep?

First, Chris does love sheep. Second, at Pete's previous job they used to attack people that left their computer unlocked by sending an email from the computer to the department with the subject "I love sheep."

From this point forward we are now calling Chris "The Shepherd" which is much more preferable to his previous monikor as "Dough Boy."

Please post your best cranks at work!

Vampire Hunters

Posted over 18 years ago

In the interest of useless trivia I discovered tonight that the music to the Demolition Man trailer is from the Dracula soundtrack composed by Wojciech Kilar. The track is Vampire Hunters and is quite a dark anthem.

In a seemingly related note I was told today that I was the geekiest person that someone knew. I dispute this but really have nothing substantial to refute this claim with.

That being said I did score 45% on the geek test - this does not really put me in the scale of uber-geeks.

Sarah has also challenged me to put up my picture of our visit to the Star Trek exhibit at the Las Vegas Hilton (this qualifies I'm sure for something). I honestly like my picture with the Mark V torpedo as it has more historical significance in the Star Trek universe.

Note that Sarah is standing next to the Klingon.

One thing to remember from this visit is that they take pictures halfway through the tour. At the end they merge your picture into a Star Trek scene. I don't remember what my expression was but it sure was funny merged into the TOS bridge scene.

Posted about 19 years ago

So, speaking of Chris we were playing around last night (in our typical "why aren't we just using IM?" email frenzy) and found this sweet website ( Unfortunately we also found Chris' old sweet website :-)

Interesting to note that this is when I met Chris. This is also shortly where I turned him back into a carnivore (with help from Ben). I believe the fall happened at the Golden Dynasty and the dish was sesame chicken....

Chris also currently has his own blog.