Can I Keep This Gown?

One final post before I hit the OR. My Treo works so will take this chance to document my hotel stay so far.

Dad and I showed up before noon yesterday - our scheduled check-in. No matter - was in my 17th floor room soon enough (nice southern view). The only bad part is my last meal was 8pm the previous night - I was instructed to be on a clear liquid diet all day. I eventually got a fine lunch of chicken broth and red jello (dinner was beef broth and yellow jello). Of course when you are starving every commercial seems like it's for pizza or steak. Needless to say much of my hospital stay so far has been planning my release meal.

I was on IV all day - three bags of saline to make sure I'm fully hydrated. The only drug fun was my enema fluid to make sure I'm emptied out (and without going into detail it works).

The only glitch is my anesthesiologist was over hours so is not able to do the surgery. His partner is taking over and is just as experienced so no worries. I actually was just visited by my 3rd surgeon which makes five doctor visits since admission. They are prepared and so am I - I am in good hands.

Surgery is for around 9:20 am and I'll be getting prepped an hour before - the general then the epideral then out like a light. If all goes well I'll be in recovery around 1pm with a few small incisions in my belly and one less adrenal gland.

If all goes well i'll be out on Friday.

I will close by saying I slept well without any drugs. Not nervous at all. I will talk to you all tomorrow.

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