Full Steam Ahead!

Seems that it's been awhile since my last post. In this case, no news is good news.

I have been consistently upping the dosage of alpha blockers and expect to be on 4x 40mg a day starting tomorrow. Those following closely will be happy to know that my BP has dropped consistently under 135/90 which is considered the upper range - this morning got a couple in the 110/70 range which used to be normal for me.

The upside is I am not sick of Gatorade yet and am probably going to be single-handedly responsible for a banner quarter for them. By 10am yesterday I had guzzled 64oz already and by end of day I had gone far north of a gallon consumed. The bad news is the doctor's prediction appears correct - I've gained about 10 pounds. I just hope it's all fluid :-).

Ah, yes, I started the beta blockers yesterday. As the doctor says this weekend we were really going to start pounding on me with the drugs. Frankly I have not felt that lightheaded. Then again I've been pretty much lying on my butt as opposed to being up and around like at work last week. The new drug is metroprolol and I'm doing 2x 50mg of this cute pink little pill. All I have to say is good riddence to the atenolol - I'm sure these are similar but I had such a bad experience with this bad boy the last time b/c I was not on the alphas yet.

Tomorrow is a company holiday so I'll be continuing to rest. Not much of a three-day weekend but that's ok. I'll be checking in on Tuesday at noon and expect everything to stay constant between now and then.

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