News on the RealID Act - Part I

Want to get the word out to as many as possible (hopefully someone reads my blog :-)). This bill supports the troops in Iraq, which is a good thing. The problem is that it also supports the concept of a "Real ID" which is a thinly veiled way of saying "National ID."

Why is this bad, you ask?

First, this is being snuck onto this bill as a rider. A rider is an unrelated amendment to a bill - usually it's something not large enough to be a bill in and of itself but often it's a way of getting something unpopular greased through the system. That is happening here.

As such, this amendment has never been debated on the Senate floor. The Senators voting on this bill may not even know of this amendment. Yes, our legislators vote on things they know nothing about all the time. This is the rider system.

Second, this ID card takes us in a dangerous direction. We live in a Federal system - this means that the national government and state governments share power. This is a healthy checks and balances system. In general, it is good to have governmental decisions being made closer to where you live, however some government must exist nationally so the local governments are not abusive.

That being said, this is scary because the National ID establishes a national database of people. This is a scary step towards a police state.

For more on why this is a bad idea.

Ironically enough, our troops are overseas fighting to protect this exact type of problem.

So please get the facts and email/FAX your Senators and tell them:

Have the amendment removed from the Iraq support bill. We prefer to support our troops but we don't support this amendment. Vote against the bill if the amendment is not removed. Sponsor a bill that will disallow the use of Riders - FOREVER.

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